Luxury 121 professional grooming for your dog


All shampoo and conditioners used are top of the range natural and kind to your dog and the environment .  Please note I will not use any products you bring to me unless they meet my salon criteria. Please advise prior to booking if you want your own products used and I will advise if they can be.

I use Paw Naturel, Earthbath, Millys, For All Dogkind and Spa Lavish.

All full grooms include hydrobath wash with luxury shampoo and conditioner if required, blow dry, clip/cut  restyle or deshed paw tidy with nail clip and ear clean. Additional matted coat fees will apply. Prices will be confirmed at appointment the below are all from prices and will depend on your dog. 

Small dog groom from £25 Wash & Blow dry will be same price as this is my minimum start price

Medium dog groom from £35 (poo and doo crosses from £38) Wash and Blow Dry from £28

Large dog groom from £45 (poo and doo crosses from £48) Wash and Blow Dry from £38

Extra-large dog groom and Wash and Blow Dry POA

Nail Clip from £5.00

Ultimate Spa Package includes facial, paw treatment, paw & nose balm and Nagagu £15

Basic Spa Package facial, paw treatment and nose & paw balm £8.00

Teeth Cleaning first two sessions for £40 then £15 if part of a regular maintenance programme

Hand stripping service is also provided starting at £45. You can add on a Nagayu treatment afterwards which is safe to use after handstrips to cleanse and condition your dog and remove odour. 

I offer a comprehensive puppy package which comprises 3 visits for a fixed price. Price is based on the size your pup will be when fully grown. It's a great way to get them used to me, the salon and grooming which is a vital part of caring for your dog. 

Or you can pay as as you go

Puppy Intro Get to know Me Sights and Sounds £10

Puppy grooms half the price of an adult groom up to 9 months of age

Nagayu skin treatment generates millions of carbonic acid and hydrogen ion which transforms the water into a CO2 SPA. While showering with CO2 SPA, the CO2 enters the blood vessels which causes them to expand and increase the blood flow. Therefore, cells receive more nutrients and oxygen, resulting in boosting their metabolism and speeding up the healing process.

This treatment has a special moisturizing supplement which provides dermal care. This treatment is perfect for clients with dry or itchy skin or can be used on any client to help maintain their skin and coat. Lifting any dead skin cells leaving their coat squeaky clean and gleaming; 

Nagayu add on to groom £8.00

Nagayu wash and go £10.00

Nagayu soak at home £5.00 each

I provide a number of services not found locally elsewhere and even ones you never knew were avaliable for your dog within the above list. 

I operate a strict policy that I only have dogs from the same family during the groom unless at changeover. I prefer not to crate dogs a dog will only be crated in exceptional circumstances.







Nagayu C02 treatment

Cleany Teeth Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning